True Origin Diamond Jewelry

True Origin Diamond Jewelry

With True Origin™, you now have another choice.

For a long time, there were really only a couple choices in clear, brilliant stones. You had diamond, CZ (cubic zirconia), and glass. More recently, moissanite has arrived in the market as another option. But the real game-changer in the industry has been lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are REAL diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds share the same chemical composition, physical structure, and optical properties as mined-from-the-earth diamonds. And just like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are individually unique, beautiful and durable. They can be graded by reputable organizations using standard criterion, such as carat weight, color, cut and clarity. What's the difference you might ask? The answer is where they come from, their origin.

Unlike mined diamonds, where a stone is sold and resold many times before it reaches a consumer, True Origin™ is the source. Being the source not only ensures "factory-direct" pricing, but also a clear chain of custody for our stones. Starting with the rough (uncut) diamond, we clearly identify the material as "lab grown" so there is no question as to it's origin. That material is subjected to the same analysis and review as a mined diamond by highly-skilled cutters, who plan for the best facets and cuts to yield the best possible proportions and symmetry for each individual stone. Once cut into individual stones, the stones are polished and inspected to ensure that our stones are of the highest quality possible. Each True Origin™ Lab Grown Diamond is carefully packaged with documentation stating it's origin as a lab grown diamond: full disclosure.

Passion expressed in carats.

Fewer transactions from the source to the consumer means that passion can be expressed in carats, not just dollars. True Origin™ Lab Grown Diamonds allow for more carats within the same budget.

Betrothed, Committed, Enamored, Enduring?

Regardless of where you are on your relationship journey, True Origin™ has diamond jewelry that fits your status. Getting engaged? We have engagement rings she will love. Tying the knot? We have bands to match engagement rings and rings for him too. Need a gift to show you are still in love? We have necklaces, earrings and other jewelry for that too. Need a reminder that this is forever? We have eternity bands and necklaces just for that reason.

It's your choice.

There are many choices for clear, brilliant stones. Make a decision that aligns with your values, passion, and financial means.

True Origin™ Lab Grown Diamonds: LOVE YOUR CHOICE.

2 1/5ct Lab Grown VS/SI D,E,F Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 14k White Gold
Regular price: $4,055.00
Sale price: $2,000.00
Lab Grown VS/SI D,E,F Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 14k Yellow Gold
Regular price: $3,963.00
Sale price: $2,299.00