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Sterling Silver Reflections Purple CZ Bead

Item# QRS3324
Sterling Silver Reflections Purple CZ Bead


  • Compatible with all popular brands of bead bracelets
  • Personalize your collection with beads that describe you!
  • .925 Sterling Silver, no plating or bonding
  • Reflection Beads can be worn for any occasion, casual or formal. Specifications

  • Finish : polished
  • Metal Type : Sterling Silver

    Our story actually begins with “…. you being able to tell your story.” Reflection Beads was created to give you the opportunity to express yourself in your jewelry. Providing you a way to select beads that mean something to you and then allowing you to arrange them in a way that tells your story----is what our story is all about. Reflection Beads features over 2000 handcrafted beads and charms. While being a patented system, our beads are also compatible with other leading brands of bead jewelry. We’ve designed our products so you can interchange Reflection beads and charms with jewelry from other popular bead companies. Reflection Beads is a privately held, US based company, located in southwest Ohio. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you--Tell Your Story!

    Buy 4 beads and receive a free sterling silver bracelet


    Each Reflections by SimStars bead has been created so that you may express yourself in your jewelry. Whatever the occasion, change up the style of your beads, so you now have jewe;ry to suit your moods and outfits. You can select beads that mean something to you.....beads that tell YOUR story.

    Reflections by SimStars makes available over 1,000 handcrafted beads using Sterling Silver, Hand-blown Murano Glass and 14k Gold. Some beads feature high quality cibic zicronium or antique finishes as well as dangling charms, a way to really enhance the beads, for your bracelet or necklace.

    Each silver and gold bead is originally handcrafted in wax by a team of skilled craftsmen, from which the finish beads are cast. The hand-blown glass beads have a solid Sterling Silver core. Each Sterling Silver, 14k Gold and Murano glass bead is then polished to a lustrous finish.

    A Reflections by SimStars bracelet or necklace looks great for any occasion, from casual outings to enhancing your favorite "little black dress." These beads are compatible with other leading brands, however, we pride ourselves on our fantastic designs and an excellent value for the money.

    Reflection Beads was created to give women the opportunity to express themselves with their jewelry. We encourage women to create fashionable jewelry designs that have a special meaning... jewelry that tells their story! Reflection Beads features a patented jewelry system compatible with other leading brands of bead jewelry.

    Our extensive array of high quality sterling silver bali beads, hand-blown glass, Swarovski® crystal and Italian Murano glass beads make the ideal gift for any occasion. For unique and personalized birthday gifts, choose from our wide selection of sterling silver letter, number or birthstone beads. Our “From the Earth” category features a stunning selection of stone beads with many colors.

    Reflection Beads carries everything you need in order to create your own bead jewelry. We feature starter bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches as well as connector beads, grippers, hinged clip beads, stoppers, spacers, dangle beads and security chains. For the largest selection of diverse styles and the latest fashions, always look for Reflection Beads.

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