Jewelry Boxes, Valets, Armoires and Humidors

Jewelry Boxes, Valets, Armoires and Humidors

Bargain prices on jewelry boxes, armoires and men's valets.

It is very important to store your jewelry properly. Todays metals are very expensive, so lets review some basic jewelry storage guidelines before we decide on a purchase.

Storage Guidelines:

  • Keep gemstone jewelry, pearls, gold and silver pieces all separated to prevent damage.
  • A diamond—the hardest gem known to humans—can scratch a pearl, so be careful to store your hard gems separately from your softer jewels. Keep them wrapped in velvet, tissue paper, silk or soft pouches. Additionally, be aware that one diamond can scratch another when thrown together in a jewelry box.
  • Water can be used to clean and rinse some jewelry, but is should be dried thoroughly afterward, especially before storing. Usually, though, a good rule of thumb is to keep your jewelry dry.
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