Colorless Lab Created Diamond Curved Bar Necklace

Colorless Lab Created Diamond Curved Bar Necklace

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A simple, elegant, timeless lab created diamond curve bar necklace can be worn for work or play.

Draw in the light -- and the compliments -- when you wear this 14K gold necklace with lab created diamonds. The Lab-grown diamonds brighten up the bar pendant There are a total of 13 lab created diamonds with the following measurements: (1) 2.8mm lab created diamond (4) 2.2mm lab created diamonds (2)1.9mm lab created diamonds (4) 1.8mm lab created diamonds


What are lab grown diamonds? Lab grown diamonds are not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias. They have all the same physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond. Lab grown diamonds are man-made diamonds that are chemically, physically, and optically identical to diamonds originating from nature. Both have the same chemical composition and atomic structure, producing the very same durability, fire, and sparkle. Laboratory grown diamonds are a testament to the use of technology and human achievement. Lab grown diamonds are graded to the same carat, clarity, color, and cut specifications as mined diamonds.

All True Origin lab grown diamond jewelry comes in a beautiful, customized wooden box.

"True Origin offers alternatives to mined diamond products. Love your choice at significant savings over mined diamonds!"

New from Manufacturer. Diamonds are set at time of purchase.

All jewelry is brand new, never worn and ready to be enjoyed by it's first owner - you!"
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