Certified 24k yellow gold one ounce pure gold bar

Certified 24k yellow gold one ounce pure gold bar

Item# Bar100
Financial experts recommend a 5-10% investment of accumulated assets in gold as insurance against economic uncertainty. A tangible asset, gold’s diversification, consistency in value, and no counterparty risks make it an attractive addition to a healthy investment portfolio. Gold bars are real, tangible assets, and throughout history, have been an excellent hedge against inflation, deflation and political uncertainty.

Manufactured by United Precious Metal Refining, Inc., in the United States, the gold bars are manufactured with the highest investment grade gold, 999.99 purity.

Key Features of the gold bar:

1. Comex approved metal

2. 999.9 purity

3. Certificate included- Each bar is certified with a serial number and stamped with the weight and purity.

4. One Troy ounce of pure gold
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